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Foundation and History

Mar.19 1924 Okayama Onji Girls' High School established
Jun.14 1937 Harada Foundation School established
Jun.14 1937 Sanyo Technical School (Engineering Works Department) established
Mar.28 1940 The second Engineering Works Course introduced
Mar.20 1944 Okayama Prefecture Onji Girls' Business High School established
Mar.20 1946 Okayama Prefecture Onji Girls' Arts High School established
Mar.31 1946 Construction Department was installed at Sanyo Technical High School
Mar.31 1947 Okayama Prefecture Sanyo Junior High School and Okayama Onji Junior High School were built and then integrated after several years.
Apr.1 1948 Unification of Sanyo Technical Sanyo, Okayama Onji Girls' High School, and Okayama Onji Arts High School, which also included Engineering Works Department, Construction and Ordinary classes
Dec.5 1950 Harada Gakuen scholastic institute established
Apr.1 1952 Commercial Arts Department was established at Okayama Onji High School
Sep.1 1953 School name was changed to Okayama Prefecture Sanyo High School
Apr.1 1968 Commercial Arts Department changed into Industry Management Department
Mar.16 1984 Attestation of automobile maintenance enterprise was received
Mar.30 1984 Sanyo Dental Hygiene Polytechnic founded
Aug.6 1984 Sanyo High School became the sister school of South Korean Seoul Technical High School
Mar.28 1985 Automobile Department of Sanyo High School was classified as a 1st class training center
Apr.1 1985 An automobile course was established in the Industry Management Department
Feb.10 1986 Chef training institution classification given
Apr.1 1986 The Automobile Department was established as part of the Industry Management Department
Apr.1 1986 The Cooking Department was established at Sanyo High School
Nov.4 1986 Okayama Automobile Vocational School established (sister school)
Apr.1 1990 Automobile Department of Sanyo High School was classified as a 1st class of moter cycle service training center
Apr.1 1990 The Electronic Machines Department was established at Sanyo High School
Mar.31 1992 The Industry Management Department was abolished
Apr.1 1992 The Department of Ordinary Class was upgraded for university entrance established
Apr.1 1996 Music Cultivation course, Sports Course, and Government Official and Employment Course established
Apr.1 1998 The Manufacturing Technique Department established
Mar.31 2000 Electronic Machines Department abolished
Apr.1 2000 School name changed to Okayama Sanyo High School
Machine Production Department established
May.31 2002 A cottage called "Nobirusansou" at Mt. Hiruzen was built and inaugurated
Feb.14 2003 "Chiin Dormitory" (a dormitory for the baseball club with 40 rooms) was inaugurated
Apr.1 2003 Confectionery studio called “Le futur" completed
Aug.24 2003 Soccer ground and Athletic field inaugurated in Yorishima town
Oct.6 2003 A statue wall painting called "Kankakusarerubekimono", which means, "Things that are sensed" completed
Oct.26 2003 The 80th Anniversary hall called "Hifumien" built
Nov.7 2003 80th anniversary ceremony for the school's foundation held