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Annual Events

●Apr The 1st term opening ceremony and entrance ceremony
Introduction of clubs and circles
Orientation (freshman)
Electrocardiogram test (freshman) Personal interview
●May Urinalysis and ophthalmology medical checkup (freshman)
Momotaro Adventure
School Union meeting
General meeting of students' parents
Midterm examination
Stomach X-ray examination
●Jun Anniversary of the founding (Jun 5)
Dangerous treatment personnel exam
Sports day Kanji and English official approval
National calculation technical official approval
Educational round-table conference
Medical checkup (freshman)
Dental check up otolaryngology medical check up
●Jul Term examination
Educational camp at Mt.Hiruzen
Hotel exercise
1st term speech day
Visiting old school
Gas welding skill school
Open school
●Oug Open school
●Sep 2nd term opening ceremony
Personal interview
Employment test start
Athletic Festival
Calculation technical official approval

●Oct Change of clothes
Midterm examination
Open classes for Junior H.S. students
Kanji certificate examination
English certificate examination
Treating dangerous things certificate examination
●Nov Cultural festival
Study exercise of emergency services by Nisseki Hospital (sports course 2nd grade)
Open school
●Dec Term examination
School excursion to Hong Kong, Thailand, England
Brass Band Annual concert in Kurashiki
Hotel exercise (Cooking Department2)
●Jan 3rd term opening ceremony
Kanji certificate examination
1st entrance examination
Blood donation of graduation
English certificate examination
Information Technology certificate examination
2nd entrance examination
●Feb Graduation Examination
School Excursion to Europe, Guam
Special lecture for graduation
Skiing exercise (sports course 2nd grade)
Graduation ceremony
●Mar Final examination
School excursion to South Korea
Speech Day