Higher Education Entrance Exam Course

We have many extra lessons geared toward your chosen future course.

We can fulfill your dreams. If you want to go to university or college, or a vocational school, you will be in this course. Supplementary lessons instruction that focus on Japanese language, mathematics and English! We also have English lessons with an ALT from England.

Official Government Capacity Course

If you aim to become an official worker, this is the course for you! Gain an advantage in employment by developing various skills.

Approval of domestic help, computer, salesperson. The lesson building of this course is fully equipped and air conditioned. Why not try to attend supplementary lessons with a value several times that of tuition fees?

Music Course

The brass band is of a very high national standard. Each lesson is divided into parts, and some are taught by professionals.

Onji Hall

This is a hall built especially for classic music that Sanyo High School is very proud of, with 450 seats and a reverberation time of 1.5 seconds. It is also used for practice by our school wind orchestra. Wouldn’t you like to play in such a hall?

Sports Course

Aim to become a top athlete with scientific training!

Although determination is important for a sport, scientific training is also necessary. You can acquire the same ability as a cyborg, through hypnotism or eye training!


Automobile Department

Training for automobile maintenance license

This laboratory has been designated as a legitimate maintenance factory. Students sometimes maintain teachersEcars. Automobile maintenance is important work, since maintenance mechanics protect driversE lives.

Cookery Department

For those who want to be a professional cook!! You can go to Europe to study hotel workmanship.

Some professional cooks come and teach how to cook Japanese, French, and Chinese food every week. It’s just like a kitchen stadium!! We have good facilities that allow us to develop promising cooks.

Mechanics Department

This is a department geared towards qualification, where you can learn about making things and I.T.

There is nothing that you can’t make here. This is a general workshop for making things. And we are proud of our new computer room that students built.

Construction Engineering Department

Be a designer of the Earth!!

Construction workers make the foundations for cities and towns. Exact measurements are essential for strong buildings. There is a lot to learn to know how!!