Many students belong to either a club or a circle.
Many excellent results are also obtained in the participation of National Athletic Meetings, inter-high school championships, and all Japan wind-instrument music contests, as well as other conventions. Every club and circle is working and training actively all year around. Moreover, these clubs aim at technical acquisition, while training the student's mind and body, raising a sense of mutual solidarity through participation and cooperation in activities, and cultivating each individual's sense of humanity.

Clubs & Circles list

Name Number
Karate-do 49
Baseball 44
Soccer 41
Soft Baseball 13
Judo 16
Table Tennis 35
Boxing 9
Track and Field 18
Badminton 12
Tennis 5
Golf 6
Basketball 13
Billiard 11
Name Number
Tea Ceremony 26
Wind-instrument music 70
Automobile Maintenance 13
Cooking Research 18
Go and Shogi 5
English Conversation 8
Machine Work 12
Debate Society 5
Welding 11
Information Technology 12
Guitar 13